Monday, July 9, 2007

First Training

Martin gave us two courses from a night orienteering event, starting from the clubhouse. These courses were for M16's! We all (meaning sum of us) managed both courses and found the terrain very interesting.

This is a picture of the map and course, with Dylans route in pink and Alex's route in Blue.
This place is beautiful.

We must thank Martin Terry for all the help he is providing with training and the Lidingo Orienteering Club for hosting us.

Written by Alex edited by Jess H, Jess L and Salome.


Val said...

Hi all our South African Orienteers in Sweden. Hope that you are all well and enjoying your stay. Please keep us updated with what you are up to, including lots of pics.

Ian said...

Hi all
I am following your training with interest. Hopefully it will give you some ideas on the type of areas we can use for Sprint events in SA. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip as it progresses.