Sunday, July 29, 2007

Final Results

We all survived Etapp 6 and made it home safely.

The final results look like this:

Bradley H14:
128th in 218:37
Winner in 130:27
Wins the prize for the fastest hair.

Salome D14:
113th in 271:39
Winner in 138:57
Prize for consuming the most chocolate.

Sarah D15:
164th in 219:11
Winner in 122:18
Prize for making us think she was Super Elite in that headband.

Jessica Hemer D15:
Not classified due to DSQ on 1st day.
Prize for the longest split - 33min. This was a hard fought competition.

Jessica Lund D16:
166th in 352:26
Winner in 135:44
Most Spanish guys following her (not on the course)

Zoe D17-20:
7th in 330:10
Winner 206:33
Best smile on the finish sprint.

Dylan H20 Lang:
34th in 337:50
Winner 250:06
Wins the green jersey for the fastest finish sprints.

Alex H20 Lang:
35th in 346:09
Winner 250:36
'Please will somebody take a photo of me!'

Craig H35:
68th in 416:29
Winner 196:12
Wins best value for money prize

Richard H45 Kort:
168th in a time of 333:18.
Winner: 138 min
Best eye-wear

Successfully dealt with the mud and rain.
Wins a peace prize for exceptional patience.

Heres a good group photo from the relay at the training camp.

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