Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 9 - Middle and Short

Today we went to an interesting area called Tibro. There were many large depressions that dominated the map. This kind of area is rare in Sweden apparently.

Above we have the course run by the older bunch. Dylan's route is in Green. Alex's route is in blue. They both skipped some contols to save their legs. A local was kind enough to show us how he did it. He finished 5th in Nils in 1.01.30.

Sarah and Brad also filled in their routes on their somewhat easier course. Sarah is in purple and Brad is in orange.
Later in the evening, we did a 'sprint'. It turned out to be a very technical short course. It was in an abondoned mining area. Craig's route is shown. Alex took about 32 min. Dylan took 33min. Brad was next at 36min and Craig took 38min. The girls did a score event in the area. The course was won in 17 min by a Spanish national squad member.

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