Monday, July 23, 2007

Symbol change: white means marsh

White means marsh and paths are a drowning hazard.

We had our first race of the 5 Days. It started raining as we left home and hasn't stopped. 11 000 people running through a forest makes things a bit slushy.

It was tricky as most of us are running on 1:15000 maps and the terrain is quite different to what we've experienced so far.

We all came back with smiles on our faces. Fighting through the mud was an interesting experience.

We can't provide any interesting photos at the moment. Here are the result of the 1st day:

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peter hemer said...

Pity about the weather. It would be nice to see what you looked like after the event. Trust your map lasted the distance Dylan.

Please put up some pics of where you are staying. Also missing the O Travel challenge